Bespoke Micro web,
full CMS websites

Bespoke Web design and development

Search Engine optimizing

Bespoke Web Design

Micro Web sites

The quick and easy way to get up and running ...

You brief us, we advise you, together we finalise the plan and a few days later, you have a website featuring:

  • Homepage introducing your site, with links to other areas within it
  • Up to five pages with your products, services, pricing, etc
  • Contact page with email form and a Google map of where you are

Bespoke Web Design

More detailed web design tailor-made for you ...

The next level up allowing more layering of the site, with a lot more information on display, such as photo and video galleries, client reviews, staff bio's, etc

We can work in any layout format (for example .psd .jpg .ai) to produce the website you want. Our team is very experienced and highly creative.

Full CMS Websites

The fully manageable bespoke web solution ...

If you need to be able to update your site whenever you want to, this is way to do it.

A full CMS (content management system) site allows you to make changes to all aspects of your website, from the opening lines of your homepage right up to your contact details and everywhere in between. You can add, delete or change the content of any page, add completely new pages, change the design of the site, adjust menus, pricing information, galleries, etc.

The sky's the limit and you’re in control ...

If your in a rapidly changing industry, you need to ensure your website is always up to date and the easiest way is to avoid using a webmaster altogether and go totally DIY with a full CMS website.

Search Engine Optimisation

We don’t just talk about SEO: we design our sites with the latest standards already built in ...

  • High quality page content with keyword rich text.
  • Much faster download speeds for anyone using your site through the use of image sprites.
  • Full Meta tags for each page as well as web page titles using the correct hierarchy of headers.
  • Hand-coded, table-less, semantic, cross-browser compatible web pages using CSS/XHTML/HTML5.
  • All content is compressed as well as javascript, css files. Our CMS (content management system) allows you to add alt tag and title tag properties for each image.